How to throw a DOCTOR WHO Party

With the 50th Anniversary just days away, I am getting into gear to throw an awesome party at my place.  Here are a few of my ideas that would make any Doctor Who party pretty darn awesome.

First off, let's get some cocktails going.

Eleven's Sonic Screwdriver Cocktail

I found some dangerously delicious (and way too easy to drink cocktails online).  For Eleven's Sonic I am using this recipe on Drunk Moogle.  I'm also creating Ten's Sonic Screwdriver recipe on Drinksmixer and Eight's Sonic Screwdriver cocktail is basically just a French Martini with a splash of pineapple.

If you are looking for something without alcohol, get Rose's Blue Raspberry drink mix.  Mix that with Sprite for Ten's Sonic and with orange juice for Eleven's Sonic.  Mix cranberry and Sprite as a good mocktail for Eight's sonic.

Now that you are getting sloshed here are some activities.

Gallifreyan Name Tags
At my party pretty much everyone knows each other so name tags aren't necessary, however Gallifreyan name tags might be.  I got a pack of "Hello my name is" stickers at an office supply shop and then I found a cool site that tells you how to write in Gallifreyan.  I printed off a handy chart so all my guests can write out their name in Gallifreyan.

The Gallifreyan Alphabet from
Duct Tape Bow Ties
Since bow ties are cool, everyone at your party should have one.  They are easy to make with some red duct tape (which I found at Target).  I printed up instructions and my guests can make their own.  I found the instructions here.

Instructions on how to make a Duct Tape Bow Tie.
Choose your Companion
Okay, so this isn't so much an activity as it is just fun to see who everyone picks.  I'm sure you clever people could turn it into a game.  But, I found this lovely image from the DoctorWho Tumblr with a bunch of the most popular Companions on it and printed it off on cardstock.  I then cut out each one and taped a safety pin on the back so my guests can wear their favorite companion.   You could do a game where you get one on your back and have to ask people yes or no questions until you guess who it is .

New and old companions, I'm sure everyone will be able to find one they like.
At this point, I'm assuming the show is about to start and everyone will want something to nosh on.  There are plenty of sources for recipes of Doctor Who food.  I'm keeping mine simple as I don't feel like cooking (especially since next week is Thanksgiving and I'll be cooking a lot.)  So, here are my snack ideas.

Jammie Dodgers
The TARDIS Self Destruct buttons are actually delicious cookies.  I am usually able to find them at World Market Cost Plus.  I put them on a plate and made this label:

Jelly Babies
A favorite of the Fourth Doctor, no self respecting Doctor Who party is complete without some Jelly Babies.  These are more difficult to find in the states.  If you are good at planning ahead you can find them on Amazon.  Since, I am terrible at planning ahead I search all the local British food shops (luckily there are a few close to me.)  Generally, one of them will have them.  Warning to the Americans, once you try them you will discover why Four liked them so much and will be tempted to keep a constant supply of them which with the prices at this specialty shops will start costing a fortune.

The Fifth Doctor wore celery as a way to detect a specific poison in the air.  You probably won't need it for this reason, but it's always good to have a vegetable at parties.  Add this label if you are worried some of the New Who fans won't get the joke.

Fish Fingers and Custard
Duh.  So, there are many ways to make it.  I prefer the pretend fish fingers that are actually cookies.  If you are super lazy like me, either have a friend make it (which is what I am doing) or you can buy lady finger cookies and make instant vanilla pudding and be done with it.  Everyone will get what you are trying to do and then add this sign so there will be no question:

Here are some of my ideas for decorations.

Well, this seems obvious, but necessary.  Here is how I did it.  I found a plastic blue tablecloth at the local party shop.  Tape that around your door.  I printed off signs - just google TARDIS signs and you'll get a ton of options.  I taped them to the door.  Easy, but makes your guests feel pretty cool when they come in through a Police Box door.

I printed off my favorite quotes from each Doctor and will post them around my room.  This could also be an interesting game where people have to guess which Doctor said which quote.

Companion Quotes
Same thing as above, but with some of my favorite companion quotes.

Sonic Screwdrivers
I printed off pictures of all the sonics and hung them like a garland.

Bad Wolf
Okay, so this isn't really an option for me since I live in an apartment, but if I didn't I would totally grab some chalk and Bad Wolf up the driveway and entryway to my house.

You know, just hang them around and put them on things - makes you feel all space-like.

I don't have pictures of the above because I will probably be decorating on Friday so my cat (or boyfriend) won't accidentally mess up my decor.  I will post pictures once it is up.

I hope everyone has a super fun Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Party and if you have any ideas please write it below in the comments.